Bernard Harrison

A drunk panda. A fat drunk panda. Not the first image that pops into mind when thinking of a highly successful bodyguard. But those who have utilized the brewmeister's unique skills as a bodyguard can attest. As big as he is no one will see him coming


Real Name: Bernard Harrison
Nationality: American
Trade Name: The Brewmeister
Occupation: Body Guard (Contracted)

Known Languages: English (native)—Hindi (lots of Bollywood contracts)—Japanese (Manga fan)—Chinese (always good to know)

Contacts: Diana (Fixer: Aegis Security Services), Satoshi Takahiro (Arms Dealer)

Race: Hybrid (Panda Bear): Superior Attribute Vigor-Improved Attribute Strength-Natural Weapons (Claws Str+D6)-Natural Aptitude (Intimidation D6)-Limited Attribute (Intelligence)-Natural Vulnerability to heat (-2 to resist heat effects)-Minor Flaw: gets set in his mind and rarely listens to others (hindrance: stubborn)

Edges: Mercenary-Modification Upgrade

Hindrances: Habit: Drunk (major), Loyal (minor), Obese (minor)

Augmentation: Gutterware: Silver Muscle Augmentation Package: +2 Strength -3 Cyber Trauma (Doc Pango), Standard Vehicle Control interface: Improved acceleration (x1.5) and Enhanced Control (-1 driving rough terrain penalty) -2 Cyber Trauma (Doc Pango)

Strength D10—Vigor D10—Agility D8
Smarts D6—Spirit D8

Fighting D10—Knowledge: Alcohol and Spirits D8—Driving D6
Shooting D6—Stealth D6—Notice D4
Tracking D4—Streetwise D4—Hacking D4

Charisma -0—-Pace 5
Toughness 9 (12/14)—-Parry 7—-Cyber Trauma -7

Starting Cash: c2515
Equipment: Street Soldier Combat Trench Coat c4000, Stun Gloves c250, Chain Sword : Str + D10 AP 2 c500, AGA Thunderbolt (2D10+2 AP 2) c1500, .50 caliber rounds (100) c100, TAP rating 2 c5000, Flask (3)

Delivery Contracts: c315
Fat Sally’s Ribs and Chicken: 2 for 2 package c75
Dominator Pizza: Chrome Delivery Contract c75
Jalepeno Bobs Mexican Grill: Taco Fever c40, Durango Special c50
Mama Ling Ling’s Noodle Express: Noodle Bowls c25, Skinny Hermits Choice c50

MMO Subscriptions: c100
Blood Throne Online c50
Hellfrost Online c50

Crap Apartment: c1000


Where the hell is he!!! The young actress’s agent looked as though he would melt under her gaze. The body guard they hired was nearly twenty minutes late and it would take almost that long to reach their next engagement. I don’t care who you think wants a piece of me! WE ARE LEAVING NOW!! Again the starlets fury whilted her agent like a weed on the sun. He had sense enough to know that the latest threats from the Parents Undermining Narcissistic Charismatic Hams (P.U.N.C.H.) and their allies Parents Against Indecency (P.A.I.) were a true threat to his cash cow..uhh client. He had contacted Ageis because they were the best in the business and the assured him this Bernard fellow was one of their best. Now here he was chasing his starlet out the doors of the studio into the waiting arms of whatever mob was set to tear her apart for whatever slight they witnessed in her latest vid. When she threw the doors open the expected crowd of homicidal baby boomers wasnt what greeted them. They were unconcious, plastered to walls , simply sitting back away from the extremely large man sitting atop a small pile of bodies. A bright golden flask in one massive furry hand the large round ears on his head twitched in their direction. With obvious effort he pulled himself off the small pile of bodies, dusted off his coat revelaing a wicked looking chain sword and other weapons, turned and said with a large smile on his face, “What took you so long.”

Bernard Harrison

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