Harvest of Flesh

Aurora Times - MediaWEB edition - September 14, 2088


Fear continues to grip the populace of Aurora tonight after yet another murder claimed the life of 27-year-old Simon Stevens, a Kenta Cyber Dynamics employee and Aurora resident. The young man was found in an alley behind the Doc Hackett’s Cyberware Emporium on Jameson St. His liver was removed through the back of his torso in a most gruesome fashion. Ravenlocke Securities detective Hector Esquela reports to the Aurora times that this latest murder, the 132nd one in the past 6 months, is as mysterious as the first one. At this time, Ravenlocke still has no leads, although the known chrome reaper gang, The Rusty Blades, are still prime suspects. Detective Esquela announced in a MediaWEB announcement today that Ravenlocke is “dedicated to the safety and well-being of its clients and their communities.” He also said that “those bastards’ days are numbered.”


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