Chicago - Gangs of Chicago

The Aurora Angels of Death

The mammoth multi-level, 12 lane arterial highway known as the Ronald
Reagan Memorial Tollway marks the beginning of the infamous Aurora
Barrens, a sprawling ghetto claimed by the Aurora Angels of Death.
Because of their proximity to the wall, the gang has relatively
easy access to merchandise going into and out of the NAC. Many shipments
destined for megacorps in throughout the sprawl find their way onto the
streets of the sprawl, largely thanks to the Angels of Death.
They know the best ways to get people in and out of Chicago,
working with coyotes in the NAC and GLU to get people over
the wall, for a fee of course.

The Black Rose Syndicate

The Dan Ryan Expressway marks the boundary of the territory
claimed by one of the most organized gangs of Chicagoland;
the Black Rose Syndicate. Indeed, the syndicate is more of
an organized crime ring than they are street level bangers,
though any street gang who tries to move in on their territory
will quickly find the Black Rose Syndicate can brawl with the
best of them.

Primarily of Eastern European/Ukrainian stock, the Black
Rose Syndicate are soldiers for powerful Russian mafia, more
commonly known as the Bratva or “Brotherhood.” The BRS act
as enforcers, hitters and bodyguards for the brotherhood in
addition to handling street biz including the sale and distribution
of drugs, guns, illegal cyberware and other illicit materials.
Additionally, they run protection rackets, simulacra brothels
and cyber fight clubs for the Bratva ,organize VR gambling domains and
peddle unlicensed Augmented Reality Constructs (ARCs) and lethal programs.

The Italian Mafia

Granted, it has been more than a hundred years since the Italian
families ruled the streets of Chicago, but they still are a major
player in the city’s organized crime. At this point in time, most
of the Italian gangs have stopped fighting each other and
have turned their attention to thwarting the security as well
as rival gangs. Most of the individual gangs are comprised of
a few families who all serve under one figurehead. This is not
an easy peace, and it’s common for one boss to make a play
against another one in order to gain more prestige or incorporate
his rival’s families and lackeys. Most of them are smart
enough, however, to put aside these petty rivalries in favor
of accomplishing their greater goal, which is to secure their
position among the other crime syndicates and ensure that
the credits keep slowing in their direction.

Shamelessly plagiarized from the Interface Zero: Savage Worlds corebook, p.172-173

Chicago - Gangs of Chicago

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