Chrome Reapers

Theft of cyberware is commonplace in the sprawl. Cybernetics
and vat grown organs are expensive, hombre’. The average
runner looking for an edge on the competition either can’t
afford the cost or doesn’t want to deal with the legalities
involved with purchasing commercial chrome, so she turns to
the shadow community, going to body chop shops to get
what she needs. Of course, body chop shops are typically
supplied by chrome reapers— thugs who butcher people for
their cyber and bioware.

Chrome reapers tend to operate in small gangs of four or
five heavily cybered hitters. Hackers will jumpjack the mark’s
vehicle and land it in (or drive it to) a garage where the muscle
waits to carve ‘em up. Like most predators, they look for
the easiest targets they can find; script kiddies sporting new
headware, N00B ronin who haven’t been in the shadows of
Chi-town long enough to get a feel for the city and its dangers,
blue platers sportin’ augmentations to help them do their job
better so some robot doesn’t take it; hell, even older sprawlers
who just had organ transplants get jacked.

That said, the more hard core chrome reapers in Chicago
have been known to target runners and shadow teams with
cutting edge cyber and bioware, and lately it’s been happening
more and more. If the buzz on the streets and MediaWeb
can be believed, someone’s been paying chrome reapers
some serious cred to target ronin, especially LEET teams. Even
stranger, the ronin aren’t just carved up for their chrome and
left on the streets; they’re disappeared.

Just a few weeks ago Johnny Cage’s team got hit in a red
zone in the Aurora sector as they were leaving a meet at The
Downside; a night club popular among Chicago’s shadow
community. Some brainer caught the whole thing on his eye
camera and streamed it live across the MEDIAweb. The stream
showed ten reapers in banger leathers swarming the crew
with (mostly) non lethal weapons; stun grenades, gel guns
and narcoject guns fitted with some kind of paralytic
neurotoxin were found on the four chrome reapers who didn’t
survive. The fight lasted about thirty seconds, but in the end,
the team got scooped up and tossed into a nondescript hover
van that sped off into the night. The brainer who uploaded the
MEDIAstream hasn’t been seen since, either.

Shamelessly plagiarized from the Interface Zero: Savage Worlds corebook, p.171-172

Chrome Reapers

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